Students “shop” for loved ones at school Christmas store

MILWAUKEE -- Many people will be busy finishing up their holiday shopping this week.  But for the little ones, getting gifts for their loved ones may not be possible.

St. Marcus Lutheran School in Milwaukee’s north side is making that happen in a special way.  This week, 670 students from K3 all the way to 8th grade get to use the “Christmas Store.”

It's a makeshift store created by school officials and volunteers, where kids can choose one gift and get it wrapped free of charge!

“The majority of our students here are in poverty level.  And many of them may not even get a present, let alone get the opportunity to give a present.  We wanted them to feel the love of giving,” said organizer Cindy Kucera.

8-year-old Brillyon Holmes found a green candle for his dad.  He says he looks forward to shopping at the "store" every year.

“I haven't seen him in a while, for about 2 years now.  I wanted to pick something out for him,” he said.

From candles to snow globes, to trinkets and ornaments, the stocking stuffers are made possible by the generous donations of volunteers.

“The couple days after Christmas, I go out and buy the bags when they're on sale and some of the items,” said volunteer Yvonne Quint.

For them, it's a heartwarming tradition that's been going on for more than 8 years because seeing the smiles and the gratitude on their little faces is the most rewarding Christmas gift no one can deny.

“This really is a big part of my Christmas celebration,” said Quint.

“They love us and they want to do special things for us.  It's just good for them and it's good for us,” said Brillyon.

St. Marcus School has tripled in size over the last 8 years, so all donations are greatly appreciated.  If you're a business owner with extra inventory or if you'd like to contribute to the “Christmas Store,” you can contact the school by clicking here.