Students in Waukegan report 3 creepy clowns holding knife, gun; threatening to return to "kill them"

WAUKEGAN/SHEBOYGAN -- Police in Waukegan, Illinois say three people dressed in clown masks "taunted" school children on Tuesday, October 4th at Greenwood School.

According to Waukegan police, shortly before 2:00 p.m. officers responded to Greenwood School on North Avenue in Waukegan for a report of a clown sighting.

Police learned children at recess had reported to school staff members that three people dressed in clown masks stood at the edge of the school's property and taunted them.

The children reported one of the clowns had a knife, one had a briefcase, and one had a gun “in his pocket."

It is unknown if the knife was real -- or if the clown was armed with a handgun.

The school was briefly placed on lockdown until officers could check the immediate area.

The children also reported that the trio threatened to return on Friday, October 7th to “kill them."

Police say it is possible that the three clowns left in a black SUV.

The gender and race of the suspects is unknown.

Waukegan Police will be providing extra patrols at all schools in Waukegan for the time being.

Meanwhile, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin -- police have also received reports of clown sightings -- taking "a number of calls" about sightings.

Police say they haven't been able to find any evidence to support these calls. So far, this appears to be a hoax, Sheboygan police say.

Sheboygan police are asking that people refrain from perpetuating these false reports on social media.

However, if people do really see someone dressed as a clown or otherwise acting suspicious or causing trouble, they're asked to call police.