Students at Ben Franklin Elem. take a walk on the wild side

MENOMONEE FALLS -- Things got a little wild for students at Ben Franklin Elementary School Wednesday, September 19th. The children sat in awe as they came face-to-face with animals many of them have never seen before.

"It was so exciting because you can actually see it. Like in a book, you`ll see a picture, but it doesn't look like how it actually looks," one fifth-grader said.

Peter Gros, co-host of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, visited the school and brought a few guests with him.

"We have snakes, we have birds of prey, we have animals from almost every continent -- African spurred thigh tortoises, quadamondays, you name it," Gros said.

Gros is traveling to different schools with about 15 animals to teach children how every creature plays an important role in our ecosystem.

"It really connects you with the natural world and it really excites you and it really makes you want to do something even locally to save wildlife," Gros said.

By getting the kids involved in the presentation, they learn how to respect the animals instead of being afraid of them.

"I learned that alligators don`t really think of people as food and that they just eat other things like fish and stuff," one fifth-grader said.

Even the school's principal joined in the fun when he made friends with a python.

"It was really cool seeing our principal have a snake around him. You don`t see that every day," one fifth-grader said.

Gros is presenting at Highland View School in Greendale Thursday, September 20th and the Waterford Public Library.

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