Student uses pepper spray during altercation at Cudahy High School

CUDAHY -- Cudahy School District officials are investigating after a Cudahy High School student used pepper spray during an altercation with another student at school. The incident happened Tuesday morning, Nov. 13.

Cudahy School District says two students got into an argument around 8:15 a.m., and one of the students discharged pepper spray in the hallway. School staff contacted health officials to make sure students and faculty weren't affected by the irritant in the air.

According to the school district, several students and staff members were evaluated on scene, no one was transported to the hospital. The area affected by the pepper spray was blocked off until the air was cleared and things "returned to normal" at school.

Officials say pepper spray is not allowed on school grounds and all students involved will be disciplined in accordance with school district policies.

The incident remains under investigation.