"Strong odor of urine:" Couple accused of mistreating more than two dozen dogs in Racine home

RACINE COUNTY -- 63-year-old Terry Bogard and 33-year-old Heather Jensen are accused of mistreating more than two dozen dogs at a Racine home. Each faces 26 misdemeanor counts of mistreating animals - intentional or negligent violation.

According to the criminal complaint, police were called to the home on Harmony Dr. on Friday afternoon, September 9th. Officers were on the scene with members of the health department and the humane society. Officials learned the home was "a dog rescue named Lucky Mutts" and it was "believed there were 23 dogs inside of the home that were going to be removed."

The complaint indicates an officer walked into the residence and "could smell a strong odor of urine." The officer observed small dog cages containing large dogs -- the "cages were all stacked on top of each other, two cages high." The officer saw large amounts of dog food on the floor and walls were streaked with "either mud or feces." The officer indicated he could only "stay inside of the home approximately 30 seconds."

Officials say Bogard and Jensen were cooperative when turning over the dogs. In the end, 24 dogs were taken by the humane society. Two other dogs were Jensen's personal dogs and turned over to family members.

Jensen and Bogard were taken to the Racine County Jail.