Strike against Palermo's Pizza drags into third month

MILWAUKEE -- The strike at Palermo's Pizza in Milwaukee is now in its third month. On Friday, August 31st, Palermo's CEO Giaccomo Faluca met with AFL-CIO President Richard Triumpka. 

Along Canal St. on Friday, striking workers chanted and held signs saying "no justice, no pizza" outside of Palermo's Pizza.

Orlando Sosa and dozens of others are striking to try to get the chance to organize a union. The company is said to have offered workers a vote to unionize, but he sees that as disingenuous.

"They want to have an election without us. So I`m telling you that`s going to be an unfair election," Sosa said.

On Friday, Palermo's CEO flew to Washington, D.C. to meet with the president of the AFL-CIO to discuss the dispute. Palermo's Director of Marketing Chris Dresslhuys reacted to the meeting this way.

"Giaccomo and Mr. Trumpka met this afternoon in Washington D.C. They had a very good discussion with one another. Mr. Trumpka`s a very busy man and we`re thankful he could make time for us," Dresslhuys said.

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