Street Angels 'walk a mile in my shoes' to shed light on homelessness in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Hitting the streets and leaving their creature comforts behind, a local organization is looking to provide immediate relief for those who are down-and-out.

The Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach created a makeshift home in Zeidler Park Saturday, Sept. 8. As the sun came up, they shed light on the issues of homelessness because for many, it isn't a challenge -- it's reality.

"We a have lack of affordable housing in Milwaukee and there is also a lack of shelter space," said Eva Welch with Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach. "Nine times out of 10 there is nowhere for them to go, so they will post up in a park or somewhere until they are told to keep moving."

Equipped with just the clothes on their backs and a few personal items, the group began to face the elements on Friday, Sept. 7. The effort will continue until Sunday, Sept 10.

"The project is 'Walk a Mile in My Shoes,'" said Welch.

The event is to bring awareness to some of the trials those living on the streets face.

Shelly Sarasin

"We've been challenged over and over. From the bugs to rats and foxes coming along to comments begin made to get a job. It's hard on your soul," said Shelly Sarasin, co-founder and co-director of Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach.

The outreach organization is known for handing out food, clothing, survival items and much more.

"All they need is a guiding hand," said Welch. "We can guide them to a path of a better future and resources."

The efforts are part of a fundraiser to help save lives this winter.

"The cooler months are coming so we need cold weather sleeping bags," said Sarasin. "We reached over $5,000 at the moment which will buy 100 below zero sleeping bags which we can hand out on the street. We also need reliable buses."

Bringing hope to those in need as they give a temporary solution to chronic problem.

"They are worth our time and worth the community's effort to keep them going," said Sarasin. "Making those connections that otherwise would have not been made in an end result to get them permanently housed."

If you would like to donate to the fundraiser, CLICK HERE.