Strategy is key for police forced into manhunt situations

WAUKESHA CO. (WITI) -- It is maybe the single largest manhunt in our nation's history. All of Boston is locked down. Thousands of officers are combing the streets.

Law enforcement trains for this very type of scenario, even right here in Wisconsin.

Brian Dorow is the Dean of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security at the Waukesha County Technical College. He says Wisconsin officers use the same tactics frequently. He walked FOX6 News through the basics of setting up a police perimeter.

"You set up an inner perimeter, an outer perimeter, a command post, and a staging area," said Dorow. He says the process is effective at clearing an area.

Dorow says the operation in Boston is unprecedented. He says the need for manpower is incredible. Another important aspect is making sure no one leaves their homes. He applauds the bold lockdown decision.

"It's the right thing to do. It's in the best interest of the general public, we know the suspects are capable of killing," said Dorow.

While Dorow says there is always the chance the suspect can escape a perimeter, he is confident the suspect will be caught.