Stores offer unique deals, freebies for Black Friday

It seems stores are opening earlier than ever this Black Friday, and with the nation's economy still struggling, stores are in stiff competition, trying to get you to spend your money at their store. They're bending over backwards, generating in-your-face kinds of deals and promotions, and even giving away free goodies, leading some to camp out for days to get a jump on the hot deals.

Joe and John Butschli have been camping out at Greenfield's Best Buy since Tuesday, and they say they're happy mom will be stopping by on Thursday with Thanksgiving dinner, which they plan to enjoy in the parking lot, while watching the Packers take on the Lions. They're camping out to take advantage of Black Friday deals on a TV and laptop.

However, some stores feel the good deals may not be enough, so they're giving away freebies. Half Price Books is giving away free totes and gift cards to the first 100 shoppers in the door. J.C. Penney, Old Navy, and Sears, to name just a few, are following suit with their own freebies.

"In this economy, it's important to try to attract people to come to your store. We believe we have a good product base here, and want to make it easier for people to buy things for the holiday season," Thomas St. Hilaire from Half Price Books said.

Abercrombie and Fitch is planning on having shirtless male greeters partying with shoppers at some of their stores, starting at midnight, and for those who are a little stressed out after tackling the Black Friday crowds, the Shorewood Business District near Capitol and Oakland will offer free relaxation stations next weekend with mini massages, tea, and wine sampling.