Still waiting to hear from Braun's sample-taker

PLEASANT PRAIRIE -- We are still waiting to hear from the man made famous by Ryan Braun on Friday. The now-notorious test taker, Dino Laurenzi, from Pleasant Prairie has remained silent, and Sunday, FOX6 attempted, for the third day in a row, to get Laurenzi's side of the story.

FOX6's Henry Rosoff went to Laurenzi's Pleasant Prairie home, hoping to get some answers as to why Laurenzi kept Braun's sample for a 44 hour period, instead of shipping it immediately, but there was no response at his door, and the blinds were drawn on every window.

Major League Baseball has defended Laurenzi's reputation and their process since Braun's press conference Friday afternoon, but others have not.

Dr. Ryan Spellecy says the rules governing testing of Braun and all other players are in place for a reason. Dr. Spellecy is a Milwaukee-area bioethicist who isn't sure why the league would back Laurenzi following the Braun situation. "If the sampler didn't follow the protocol in any way, it's very concerning, because it really speaks to the integrity of the entire process. If you can't establish the chain of custody, you can't prove that the samples that tested positive belong to anyone," Dr. Spellecy said.

Dr. Spellecy says even though Brewers fans may want the battle about Braun's innocence to fade, the circumstances surrounding the test won't make that possible. "I honestly don't think we'll ever know the real answer behind this," Dr. Spellecy said.

Laurenzi is also part of the Tremper High School football team's training staff.