Still no answers in Oak Creek death investigation

Oak Creek police continue to search for a man they say could provide vital information in the mysterious death of a 44-year-old woman. Vicky Zaren's body was found November 2 at the Red Roof Inn in Oak Creek, and surveillance video showed David Lopez Jr. checked into the same room that day, but police haven't been able to locate him since. They're not calling Lopez a suspect at this time. After seeing Zaren's body at her funeral, Zaren's fiance, Don Miller, believes she was murdered.

"Her lips were bused open, her eyes were swollen, black," Don Miller said.

"You could see she was beaten," Connie Miller, Zaren's sister, said.

When I saw how bruised up she was, I know she fought back," Don Miller said.

Zaren was a mother of four. Zaren's sister, Connie Miller says Zaren and Lopez knew each other through a mutual friend. Lingering questions as to Lopez's whereabouts, and the unsolved status of this case has led to heightened frustration for Zaren's family. Investigators have been waiting for chemical test results on Zaren's body, which can take weeks.

For now, the family continues to plead for help locating Lopez, and getting some answers that could at least mean peace of mind.

"It would help me sleep at night if I knew what really did happen to her," Connie Miller said.