"Still happening:" As group takes stand against reckless driving, car blows through stop sign

MILWAUKEE -- As a group gathered in Milwaukee Wednesday evening, October 11th, taking a stand against reckless driving, a vehicle blew through a stop sign behind them -- and they used the incident as an example of the epidemic plaguing Milwaukee.

Those who gathered Wednesday evening near 12th and Concordia said change will require the entire city's support. They want young and old to stay safe behind the wheel, and prevent loss of life.

Rep. David Bowen

"Losing lives over situations like this should not happen. It's important for the safety of everyone," Rep. David Bowen, D-Milwaukee said.

As Rep. Bowen spoke, the sound of screeching tires could be heard down the block. Moments later, an SUV blew through the stop sign behind the crowd, and police took off after the driver. The car was abandoned less than a block away in an alley after the driver ran off.

"It's sad that in the wake of what happened (Tuesday), that is still happening," Andre Lee Ellis with "We Got This" said.

At 12th and Concordia Tuesday, 16-year-old Joseph Blunt lost his life. Police said he was on the hood of a moving vehicle when the driver hit the brakes.

Andre Lee Ellis

"Put a stop sign in your mind. Stop and live," Ellis said.

Ellis said he and others want to put a stop to carelessness behind the wheel. He's asking that people think before they act so lives aren't lost.

"I want to put a stop sign in the minds of our young people so they can stop and live," Ellis said.

"God has not meant for you to die in these situations," Rep. Bowen said.

12th and Concordia

Police said they know who that driver is who blew through the stop sign Wednesday evening, and they're seeking that driver.