State tax credits help Franksville company create jobs

FRANKSVILLE -- State money is helping Milwaukee Light Bulb, a company in Franksville, create more jobs. Milwaukee Light Bulb is a distributor of low-cost, quality light bulbs and ballasts.

Gov. Scott Walker visited Milwaukee Light Bulb Friday morning, April 20th, to make the announcement.

Milwaukee Light Bulb is eligible for $69,000 in tax credits to be used for job retention and the creation of up to twelve jobs related to the company's expansion. It is planning to add warehouse and distribution space to meet its increased sales

"You think of job expansion, you think years ago of politicians standing in front of a plant with 500 or a thousand people and believe me, if there are those out there we'll fight for them but I firmly believe it happens," said Gov. Walker.

The tax credits will be distributed annually in direct relation to the number of jobs retained and new, full-time positions created and filled over a five-year period.

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