State investigation: Thousands of DISH Network customers could soon see a bill credit

MADISON -- An investigation of consumer complaints by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has been resolved through a stipulation with DISH Network LLC. (DISH). The settlement includes $225,000 in civil forfeitures and assessments and a $4.25 bill credit to thousands of eligible customers.

The settlement requires DISH to make changes to its communications with Wisconsin customers whenever DISH increases prices on satellite television offerings that are subject to an early termination fee.  The written notice must state:

    The $4.25 bill credit will be applied within sixty days of the entry of the consent judgment to current DISH subscribers who:

      DISH customers who are eligible for the credit will likely see it listed on an upcoming bill as “WI Settlement Credit.”

      By entering into the stipulation for entry of consent judgment, DISH does not admit that it has violated any laws or regulations of the State of Wisconsin.