State health officials encourage flu vaccinations

MADISON -- The number of influenza cases is running significantly higher than last year at this time. For that reason, state health officials are encouraging Wisconsin residents to get their flu shots and tell family members and friends that it’s not too late to get protection against the flu. National Influenza Vaccination Week is December 2-8.

State health officials have also reported an increase in flu cases this year. There have been 113 laboratory-confirmed influenza cases reported this season, compared with 7 cases at this time last year. Twelve people have been hospitalized for influenza this season. There were no hospitalizations at this time last year.

The vaccine supply is ample. It is critical for older people and children to be protected. According to the CDC, everyone aged six months and older should be vaccinated.

Holiday travel and college students returning home can result in the illness spreading. Anderson suggested that college students seek vaccinations at their campus health services prior to leaving for the holiday break.

Other options for getting vaccinated include healthcare providers, local public health departments or tribal health clinics. To find an influenza vaccination center near you, go to

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