State appeals court wipes out judgment in tractor lawsuit

MADISON (AP) -- A state appeals court has erased a judge's finding that an electronics manufacturer doesn't owe a Racine-based tractor maker damages over defective equipment.

CNH America, LLC filed a lawsuit against Ametek, Inc., four years ago. CNH alleged Ametek provided defective starters for CNH's B-6 tractor line in 2006 and 2007, forcing the company to initiate a worldwide recall.

Ametek countered CNH officials knew the starters were defective but continued to install them. A Racine County judge sided with Ametek last year, ruling CNH wasn't entitled to damages.

The 2nd District Court of Appeals reversed the ruling Wednesday, concluding a jury could find Ametek caused none, some or all of the recall costs depending on how it views CNH's actions.

Ametek's attorney didn't immediately return a message.