Startup's peanut butter whiskey swamped with attention after onstage shoutout from Dave Grohl

SAN DIEGO - During their performance at Petco Park Wednesday, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl gave a shoutout to a California startup's peanut butter whiskey - and now the company is being inundated with attention.

Since the Ocean Beach-based company Skrewball started last July, its employees have been working nonstop, sleepless nights and traveling across the country pedaling their wares. Then Grohl made an unsolicited endorsement about the company's invention of peanut butter whiskey, skyrocketing them out of obscurity.

"I gotta give a shoutout to my new favorite whiskey company," Grohl said. "I just discovered it a few weeks ago. It's here in San Diego. It's peanut butter whiskey. Do you know about the peanut butter whiskey? You will."

When KSWB asked if Grohl owned any part of the company, employee Alex Glanzman said, "no, nothing."

"I started seeing it all over my Facebook, started getting text messages from people who did see it, were videotaping it, saying congratulations to the Skrewball team and everything and it was just such a trip," Glanzman said.