Startup takes concept of dollar store, puts it online

There is a startup that is taking the concept of the dollar store and putting it online.

Imagine an online store where everything is just a few bucks -- unique gifts, little knick knacks, toys for the kids. It's called Hollar -- and people are discovering just how much fun shopping online can be when everything seems like a bargain.

"We wanted to really bring that experience where you can find thousands of really amazing products at amazing value and convenience," said David Yeom, CEO and Founder of Hollar.

Yeom is a former vice president at The Honest Company. He said the idea for Hollar came from his love of going to dollar stores growing up.

"Just because something isn't expensive doesn't mean it's not great," Yeom said.

Hollar's pages are reminiscent of Pinterest -- except everything is for sale. Since everything there is so cheap, Hollar's minimum purchase is $10. If you spend more than $25, you get free shipping.

While Hollar orders might be cheap, don't expect them to arrive as fast as Amazon. Right now, the company says they take about 7 to ten days to arrive from their warehouse in Los Angeles.