St. Marcus Lutheran School wins Shopko Facebook contest

MILWAUKEE -- Wednesday morning, April 4th, students at St. Marcus Lutheran School in Milwaukee celebrated after winning the Shopko Charity Facebook contest.

The Shopko Foundation presented the school with a check for $10,000 Wednesday. St. Marcus won the Charity Facebook contest, where fans had to vote on which charity would win the grant.

St. Marcus beat out four other charities and the school plans to use the money to expand the campus. As part of the grant, Shopko's donation will be matched with $4,000 from M&I Bank.

"It will help us provide more seats for students. We had over 750 students apply in February alone. Parents are desperate for high quality seats. This money just helps us to meet the needs of those students and those parents," St. Marcus School Superintendent Henry Tyson sad.

Each of the other groups involved in the contest receive $1,000 as a consolation prize.