"Spread a message:" Hundreds in Riverwest march in solidarity for women's rights

RIVERWEST -- Large turnouts in cities across the country hoping to send a strong message to the White House took to the streets on Saturday, January 21st -- including here in Milwaukee.

With chanting and creative signs; some reading, 'build kindness not walls," and "celebrate diversity."

Nearly 1,000 people of all ages, races, genders, economic backgrounds and sexual orientations gathered to have one voice.

"To show our support and really get the rights for everybody," said Abraham Ortiz, marching for rights.

Modeled after the Women's March in Washington, Saturday, hundreds of similar events were organized in cities across the country.

Riverwest women's march

"We want to spread a message that we are united we are here for everyone that is suffering from intolerance discrimination injustice that is being perpetuated by trump and administration that is taking over," said Nellie Vance, march organizer.

Riverwest women's march

They peacefully took to the streets in Riverwest in solidarity.

"We are looking to support inclusivity of everyone," said Brittany Nordstrum, march organizer.

On inauguration day, President Donald Trump said, "The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance to all Americans," -- and folks are rallying to make sure it happens.

Riverwest women's march

For the marchers, the grand event is the first step in unifying communities on a local and grassroots level to help create change nationally.

"Knowing who your senators and knowing who your legislators are even your county district supervisors, everything like that is super important to know how to bring about change and it starts here," said Nordstrum.

Coming together to send a bold message that rights, safety, health and families need to be protected.

Riverwest women's march