Sparks from welder may have started fire at greenhouse

MENOMONEE FALLS -- A few welding sparks may have started a fire at Shady Lane Greenhouses in Menomonee Falls on Friday, October 5th..

The fire broke out shortly before noon. Within eight minutes, fire crews were on the scene. Thick, black smoke poured out of the building and crews kept their distance in anticipation of explosions.

"We did call out a four-alarm fire, the reason for that being because it is a landscape and greenhouse facility there's a lot of fertilizers and chemicals that had the potential to explode," said Anna Ruzinski, Menomonee Falls Police Chief.

More than a half-dozen other fire departments responded to the call for help.

As to what caused the fire, officials have not pinpointed the exact source. However, they say some repair work was going on when it started.

""We have heard that there was someone who was welding in the area.  we have not confirmed that to be the cause of the fire.  we certainly will look at that when we start the investigation," said Ruzinski.

The greenhouse was badly damaged by the fire. Part of it even collapsed. However, nobody was hurt.

Shady Lane Greenhouses has been owned by the same family since 1973. Neighbors of the business say the owners have always supported the community. They expect the community will now turn out to support them.