'Something I love to do:' Woman in her 70s cooks Christmas dinner for those with serious illnesses

MILWAUKEE -- A special Christmas dinner brought together strangers on Tuesday, Dec. 25.

It took place at "Kathy's House" near 103rd and Wisconsin. It is a home away from home or those with serious illnesses and their caretakers who travel to hospitals in the Milwaukee area.

Lois Knight has been cooking the meals on Christmas for several years. Knight said she loves to cook and she loves people -- and this is the least she can do to help families during the holidays.

"It's just something that I just love to do, and these people are so grateful. In the Bible, it says if you invite someone over to dinner, invite somebody that can't pay you back, and that's what it's about," said Knight.

The food was courtesy of Knight, her family and her friends that volunteer at Kathy's House, where typically 30-35 people stay.