"Something hard:" 87-year-old woman finds bizarre object inside her jar of Welch's grape jelly

KANSAS CITY, Missouri -- Sarah Kennedy starts her day with a bit of toast and jelly, but what she found in the jar prompted the 87-year-old to call the news. 

"I've lived in this house since 1972," the Kansas City woman said.

Every morning, Kennedy has cleaned her home, done the laundry, and eaten toast with just a bit of grape jelly.

At her age, Kennedy concedes there are very few "firsts" left to experience, especially not like this.

"After all of these years, 87 years, I've never experienced anything in food like that. It looked like a bone to me -- in this jelly," Kennedy said.

Kennedy said she was sitting down, trying to eat her breakfast and stuck a fork in the jelly jar.

"I found something hard in it, and I pulled it out and it was this bone," she said.

She said she bought the jar of jelly from the grocery store down the street. What exactly it was that was inside isn't clear, but it's rock-hard, about three-inches long, twisted -- and not something Kennedy was thrilled to find.

Kennedy said she was just glad she didn't put in on her toast and take a bite. She said she's not looking for a paycheck or a lawsuit, just an explanation. After all, she'd eaten half of the jar that had the thing lurking inside the whole time.

"I wanted to find out what this is. I didn't want to just let this go and not know what it would do to me later on. I want to know what I've been eating from. I haven't touched it since," Kennedy said.

She contacted Welch's. The company immediately overnighted shipping supplies so that she could send the item back to Welch's in hopes of determining what it is and why it was in Kennedy's jelly jar. But just in case that went south, or got lost in the mail, Kennedy called KCTV5 to make sure somebody else saw that thing. She didn't want people to think she was crazy, just cautious.

"That would frighten you if you was eating it," she said.