"Something about breaking things:" Rage Room in Oshkosh lets you smash things for fun!

OSHKOSH -- A new business in Oshkosh lets you smash things for fun, be it dishes or desktop computers. It's the only place of its kind in Wisconsin. It's called Rage Room.

"Something about breaking things -- it releases something in your adrenals," said Justin Marcellis, owner of Rage Room.

There are only a handful in the United States and it started with a video, a similar concept out of Toronto.

"Part of the reason why I kind of got to the point where I showed Justin the video was because my sister recently had a new house and she completely started over and demolished it and I got the opportunity to just go crazy and smash the house," said Katarina Struck, partner and employee at the Rage Room.

That experience was life changing, and flash forward, the Rage Room was born.

"Starting a business is hard enough but starting a business that no one has ever done before is a feat in it of itself," said Marcellis.

When you're ready to give it a go, the setup is simple. You put on protective gear, pick a weapon and choose the items you want to smash. The 15 minute smashing session is about $30.

"I think the misconception is that people are coming here angry and it is just that, it?s a misconception, because the vast majority of people are literally here on date nights or they?re here in groups of women and they?re here to have a lot of fun," said Marcellis.

The Rage Room believes it to be a form of therapy and a way to let loose.

"I would like anybody who has questions or doubts, to just come in and talk to us and bounce your ideas off of us, and see if we can?t figure out what it is their concern is," said Marcellis.