"Someone just shot your son:" 23-year-old suspect's mother speaks out after officer-involved shooting

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee police officer shot an armed suspect near 20th and Center on Tuesday, August 4th. The 23-year-old suspect was shot and injured as he was running from police. Police say the suspect, a convicted felon with "multiple open warrants" fired first, but that's something his family disputes.

Gregory Rollins

Family members identify the 23-year-old man as Gregory Rollins.

Rollins' mother says he was shot in the leg. Because he is a suspect, she hasn't been allowed to see him as he receives treatment at the hospital.

"I don't even know how my baby is doing," Carolyn Williams, Rollins' mother said. "The last time I saw my son, my son was laying in a field."

For now, Carolyn Williams waits.

"I don't understand this. The system is all messed up," Williams said.

Police say this all began near 19th and Clarke. Plain-clothes officers came across individuals they suspected were involved in drug activity.

The officers conducted a field interview -- and that's when one suspect fled the scene on foot.

Police say a pursuit ensued, and it ended near 20th and Center.

Officer-involved shooting near 20th and Center

That's where one suspect fired a round at the officer as that suspect was running away, and the officer returned fire.

We're told the suspect fired at least one round, and the officer fired several rounds.

The suspect was hit one time. His injuries are believed to be non life-threatening.

Officer-involved shooting near 20th and Center

He is a 23-year-old convicted felon, and police say he had "multiple open warrants."

"I think we`ve got a concern right now with the willingness of our offender community to use their firearms. I think that`s been demonstrated over and over again in recent months," Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said.

The Milwaukee police officer involved in this incident is 34 years old, and has been on the force for 11 years. He has been placed on administrative duty, as is protocol in these situations.

Officer-involved shooting near 20th and Center

Williams says she was alerted to what happened when her phone rang.

"I got a phone call that said 'come -- there are police chasing your son,'" Williams said. "You need to come on. Someone just shot your son."

Carolyn Williams

Williams is frustrated that she hasn't been able to see her son.

"I don't even know how my baby is doing. I got to go by what the sheriff and the nurses and the social worker is telling me. I pray to God that he's okay," Williams said.

Court records show Rollins has an open case for violating a domestic violence order. He also has convictions that include drugs, burglary and battery.

Officer-involved shooting near 20th and Center