Some MCTS bus routes will not run Monday due to closure of MPS

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Milwaukee County Transit Services spokesperson is reminding folks that some MCTS bus routes will not operate on Monday, January 6th. This, because Milwaukee Public Schools has cancelled school on Monday due to the dangerously cold weather we're expecting.

Jackie Janz with MCTS says the following bus routes will not operate on Monday: Route 50, RR1-RR3, RS1-RS4, 85, 87, 88 and 89.

Janz says some other routes have a few trips that operate only with MPS is in service -- so bus riders are advised to check bus schedules carefully.

Janz says all other regularly scheduled weekday routes will be running Monday.

The MCTS administration building at N. 17th Street will be closed Monday.

Janz offers the following tips for bus riders:

It is best to avoid traveling in bad weather if possible.  If you absolutely must travel, check for latest MCTS bus updates by phone, website, Facebook or Twitter.

Buses will stop at regular bus stops where it is safe to do so. Remain away from the curb or until the bus comes to a complete stop. When exiting the bus, walk away from the bus and never alongside it.

Expect delays - Plan ahead and take an earlier trip to make sure you arrive on time. Remember - if conditions are slowing traffic, buses will be delayed. Be assured that your driver is doing everything possible to stay on schedule while maintaining safety.

Dress Appropriately - Please be careful in the cold weather and dress as warmly as possible. We will be closely monitoring buses to ensure they are operating to the best of our ability, but even during normal conditions buses can break down.

How Are Buses Monitored - Buses are regularly maintained and check for good operation. All buses have a GPS system, so dispatchers know the exact location of buses at all times. Yet, on occasion, a bus can still have an operational issue. If this happens, the bus driver has a direct connection to a dispatcher who will immediately contact our maintenance department to respond. Either a mechanic or a new bus will be dispatched to the location.

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