Some in Janesville say they'd like to see a Paul Ryan 2016 pres. bid

JANESVILLE -- Paul Ryan of Janesville, Wisconsin was on the ballot twice Tuesday, November 6th for some Wisconsin voters. Ryan won one race, and lost the other. Ryan was on the presidential ticket as Republican Mitt Romney's running mate, and also running for re-election in the 1st Congressional District.

On Tuesday night, Ryan appeared at a Janesville watch party via video screen, where he thanked supporters following the announcement of his win in the Congressional race. Many said they were disappointed to see a Romney/Ryan loss Tuesday night.

The Secret Service remained posted outside Paul Ryan's Janesville home Wednesday, November 7th, but with the 2012 elections now over, neighbor Douglas Barrette had already removed his Republican-backing political signage.

Next door, some signs remained Wednesday, as Barrette's neighbors continued to show their Democratic support.

"That's the great thing about our country is that we can have opposing views and still be good neighbors and still get along with each other," Barrette said.

"We noticed that our Obama sign got stolen. I tried to make a sign before I went to be that congratulated Wisconsin on our Democratic victory," Patrick Foelker said.

Foelker said his makeshift sign also shows his appreciation for all those who voted -- regardless of candidate choice or party affiliation.

"We all have our own personal views. That's what makes America what it is," Foelker said.

Neighbors told FOX6 News they're anxious to see whether Paul Ryan makes a run for the presidency in 2016.

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