'So heartwarming:' 6-year-old cancer survivor treated like a superhero, earns shopping spree

OAK CREEK -- A 6-year-old boy is celebrating his victory over cancer. To celebrate, the leukemia survivor was surprised on Thursday, Nov. 7 with a shopping spree.

Bo Miles

Bo Miles walked into Burlington not sure what was in store -- until he was presented with a $150 gift card.

The Leukemia &Lymphoma Society teamed up with Burlington Stores giving child survivors the chance to pick up anything in the sore as part of their "A Style for Every Smile" campaign.

Bo, a cancer survivor, was the honored hero on Thursday.

"This is a really exciting time for us personally in our treatment as Bo just finished up. So it was just a great way for us to celebrate," said Courtney Miles, Bo's mother. "He was diagnosed just shortly after his third birthday."

Bo has been in treatment for leukemia for 39 months. After a long battle, he is now cancer-free as a healthy first-grader.

"It's just so heartwarming to see Bo to be able to celebrate the end of his journey," said Julie Anthony of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Bo picked mainly toys and a Spider-Man watch in his shopping spree. While the Miles family celebrates the end of Boy's journey, a cure for cancer would be the best gift of all.

Courtney Miles

"He's super brave and he's super strong and he deserves to be treated special. But there's also a lot of other kids that are like that," said Courtney Miles.

Bo will ring the bell at Children's Wisconsin on Friday, Nov. 8 -- celebrating the end of his journey battling cancer.

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