Snowy roadways in SE Wisconsin make for anxious commutes

RACINE (WITI) -- Snowy and slick conditions made driving both frightening and frustrating on Monday, November 25th. That's especially true on the busy stretch of I-94 between Milwaukee and Kenosha.

Traffic crawled along I-94 as both the north and southbound lanes were closed at times because of accidents. Emergency crews responded to spin-outs, slide-offs, crashes and collisions.

"You pass 'em and you see a handful of trucks, you know, accidents and you're like, 'Oh that's too bad.' And before you know it, it's you," said Marty Pryor from Hartford City, Indiana.

Pryor was driving from North Dakota back to his home in Indiana when he lost control of his pickup truck on I-94 just south of Highway 50.

"Spun around, had some crazy car driving skills and missed a couple vehicles.  Slammed into this median here," said Pryor.

Truck driver Edward Turpin saw it all unfold before he too, was part of the accident.

"He was in the far left lane, hit a patch of ice and he started spinning out on the side of my truck," said Turpin. "I seen him in the mirror so I started slowing down.  Then he crossed in front of me. He didn't hit me and he hit the wall and bounced back under the trailer."

Pryor walked away without so much as a scratch. His truck was a mangled mess.