Plow business welcomes Wednesday's snow: 'We could use some more'

Snow removal is how many people make their bread and butter.

With mild temperatures in southeastern Wisconsin so far this season, plow businesses have struggled. In Racine, it was back to business as usual Wednesday.

Justin Hutchins opened Hutch Snow Services last year. Now, four plow trucks later, he said the hard work has paid off. 

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"I basically grew it all in one year," said Hutchins. "Multiple guys working for me, and a bunch of commercial."

Hutch Snow Services typically plows 13-14 times per season. So far, workers have only plowed their 30-stop route three times.

Hutch Snow Services in Racine

"It’s been lack of snow, lack of cold. We haven’t really got out a whole lot this year," Hutchins said.

Hutchins said it has been the season of salting, and the way they are keeping the lights on.

Hutch Snow Services in Racine

"We have been out six or seven times salting this year, and it does help, but the lack of snow is just making it a difficult year for us," said Hutchins.

With the lack of snow, Hutchins said he has had to get creative.

"We have them wash the trucks, polish the salter – we did that one day – make sure the maintenance is done on everything," Hutchins said. "We could use some more snow for sure."

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It's the type of business that depends on weather, but Hutchins said it is worth the wait.

"Today’s awesome. It came in a little late in the morning," he said.

Hutch Snow Services' biggest job, plowing an apartment complex, usually takes 8-9 hours. Crews plan to work until 10 p.m. Wednesday.