Snow storms taking a toll on businesses in Racine

RACINE (WITI) -- Winter and our latest snow storms have not been kind to businesses in the city of Racine.

"It’s kind of fluffy on top and when you get down near the sidewalk, a couple inches off the sidewalk, it’s pretty wet," said Monte Osterman of Racine.

Osterman has been helping to clear downtown Racine since early Wednesday morning.

"It’s clogging the snow blowers, some of this needs to be done by hand, you can’t even snow blow it," said Osterman.

The snow is not just a hassle for him, it's also bad for his business. As the snow pounded Racine Tuesday, Osterman's business saw a huge drop in customers.

"Yesterday, one brave soul came in and it got so bad, we had to close early," said Osterman.

Huge mounds block parking spots -- and people have to climb through the snow and ice to get to the sidewalk.

Inside Divino Gelato, business has picked up. But on Tuesday, it practically stopped around 4 p.m.

"As soon as that snow really hit, that’s when we get slower than slow," said Ontrayel Stinson of Divino Gelato.

But Stinson is hopeful as the sidewalks are cleared, business will get back on track.

A shovel ordinance is in effect in the city of Racine. People have 24 hours since the end of the snowfall to clear their sidewalks or they could face a fine.