Snow drops on Wisconsin officer: captured on camera

The Viroqua Police Department in southwest Wisconsin shared video of a funny moment involving one of its officers. 

On Wednesday, Jan. 18, Officer Carter Jamieson stepped out a doorway during a winter storm. When he turns back to make sure the door to the building is completely shut, the action triggers snow to fall from an awning.

"(Our dispatcher) was watching it happen," Jamieson told FOX6 News. "I walk back inside, and she's just on the floor, laughing. She just thinks it's the funniest thing in the world."

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Jamieson, who has been with the department for six months, said he now avoids that awning at all costs. He never expected such a big reaction to the video.

"I'm the snowman," he said. "That's who I am now. I'm just a snow guy."

The Viroqua Police Department Facebook post said, "Viroqua Officer Carter Jamieson hopes you have a safe and uneventful evening with the forecasted winter storm."