Snappy dressers: Brookfield police seek up to four suspects in theft of credit cards

BROOKFIELD -- Brookfield police are seeking as many as four suspects in connection with the theft of and fraudulent use of stolen credit cards.

According to a crime alert issued by the police department, two suspects "stalked" a female victim -- and eventually stole her wallet from a shopping cart.

Officials say those stolen credit cards were later used to purchase seven $1,000 gift cards. While two men are suspected of the actual theft, officials believe additional suspects were involved in the purchase of goods with the stolen cards.

"Once the gift cards have been issued, unless the store is very good at connecting the gift cards to the stolen card that they were purchased with, unless that stuff's already done, that's a really quick way to wash the credit or wash money," said Richard Cole, MATC Law Enforcement Instructor.

Of particular note -- the men accused in this case are well-dressed.

"It's almost like they went out of their way to lower anybody's suspicions around them," said Cole. "You do hear about those sorts of thefts in stores when people aren't paying attention. I have to admit, this is the first time I've heard of people dressing up to get it done."

Two addresses are listed in the incident report associated with this case -- the Pick 'n Save on Greenfield -- and the Target on Bluemound Rd.

If you have information that could help identify the suspects in the photos below, you're urged to call the Brookfield Police Department at 262-787-3702.