Smooth voting operation in Milwaukee, according to poll workers

You might remember those long lines at Riverside High School back in April... Tonight, there is no line.

Poll workers say there were a lot of voters here, but they were in and out without any issues.

It was a similar scene on Milwaukee's north side at a polling place on 25th and Lloyd.

There was a major effort from several community groups around Milwaukee to try to get out the vote after lower city turnout in 2016.

The Common Ground community group had a goal to get 15,000 people to the polls by calling, texting, helping them register.

They also drove people to election locations.

Voters we spoke with say issues like COVID-19 and social justice were major driving factors in getting them to vote.

"We wanted to make sure as many voices, as many people as possible were part of making that decision.  So, we’ve really been just trying to get more people to vote," said Jennifer O’Hear of Common Ground.

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All of the election workers were wearing PPE. Those who came to vote wore masks.

Voters tell us they felt safe casting their ballots in-person today.