Smash & grab suspects able to get more than 50 weapons in two minutes: "Takes a lot of nerve!"

HOUSTON -- They were bold and brazen. Ten men were able to pull off a big heist at a store in Houston -- and the video is unbelievable.

"It takes a lot of nerve to do that,"

A whole lot of nerve!

Video of the incident shows a black truck pulling up to the "Carter's Country" store near 59th and Wilcrest in Houston.

The men tied a chain from the truck to the door, and then the driver took off -- knocking the hinges off the door on the first try.

The second time, it worked. The men then yanked the door right off.

Then, the masked thieves charged the store -- jumping the counter, breaking cases with hammers and grabbing handguns and rifles right off the rack.

The gun heist took just two minutes, and the suspects got away with more than 50 weapons.

"These are the times that we live in now. Everybody wants something for nothing,"

Three suspects were quickly arrested, and some guns were recovered.

"I figured somebody would get caught somehow. Somebody would talk about it and get wind of it,"

Seven other suspects were being sought by police.