"Skinny" the stray cat topped the scales at 42 pounds

DALLAS, Texas -- A stray cat recently showed up at a Dallas-area animal shelter in desperate need of a new diet. At 42 pounds, the cat was so overweight, vets thought it was female. Now, after dropping a few pounds, it's pretty clear "she" is actually a "he."

At his new home, the cat has his own apartment, complete with a TV and a fan, as he battles the bulge.

"Skinny" the cat's wrists and ankles shake under his weight, so he has to move very quickly in short spurts.

Dr. Brittney Barton believes to get as big as he is, "Skinny" must have been brought up on a diet unhealthy -- even by human standards.

"I suspect that someone was probably sharing their pizza and cake," Dr. Barton said.

Now on cat food, "Skinny" is down to 37 pounds, but still so heavy Dr. Barton worries anything more than casual exercise could cause him to hurt himself.

His struggle is something many can relate to. A Twitter page in "Skinny's" name has attracted almost 500 followers.

Dr. Barton doesn't expect "Skinny" will ever live up to his name. He may just be happy and healthy.

Skinny is so popular people sign up and volunteer just to come sit with him. He's shy now, but the vet hopes he warms up and gets healthy enough to be available for adoption.

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