Six men accused of operating elaborate car theft ring

MILWAUKEE -- Charges were filed Friday against six men accused of operating an elaborate car theft ring in Milwaukee.

The criminal complaint indicates the car theft ring was operated by Jeffrey Ciriacks because he was the only one of the six who had a salvage license. The others now charged with conspiracy to commit theft include Leroy Barbee, Eric Booker, Quintin Hill, Chavies Hoskin and Pierre Louis.

The complaint says Ciriacks brought multiple vehicles each week to a Auto & Scrap Recyclers, a scrap yard at 38th and Mill Rd. Sometimes he brought two vehicles a day to the yard.
Most of the cars were being stolen from streets on the north side of Milwaukee. Ciriacks and his team would take the cars, tow them to the scrap recyclers, and receive between $400 and $500 for each. Depending on their involvement, the defendants received varying amounts of cash.
Many of the vehicles that were stolen were said to have "damaged or 'peeled' steering columns, no keys and no titles."

If convicted on the charge of conspiracy to commit theft, each of the suspects faces up to ten years in prison and $25,000 in fines.

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