Six boys orphaned after losing both parents in three years

Two tragedies in three years have left six boys without their parents. 

According to the children's aunt, Carla Hamilton, they lost their father earlier this week. 

He died after battling COVID-19

Hamilton said the boys lost their mother in a car crash in 2018. 

At the time, the youngest was just one.

"That was life-changing," Hamilton said. 

Now, the kids are between 4 and 14 years old.

Hamilton said Ken was a great father who was healthy and young. She said he didn't have underlying health conditions. 

"It was so random. It was like, it's crazy. Like you wouldn't expect so much to happen to the same group of little kids. Give them a break," Hamilton said. 

Now, Hamilton, as well as her brother and parents have found themselves in a place similar to 2018. 

Hamilton said she was trying to get custody of the kids after the accident, but the boy's father was granted custody. 

Now, unfortunately, through another tragedy, the boys will be in her care. 

"I just feel like she gave me a little more time, to make sure I was prepared or I don't know. I never thought this would happen," she said. 

Hamilton said she and the rest of the family could have never imagined the children being faced with so much devastation. 

She said the priority right now is being there for the kids and making sure they are able to turn their pain into power. 

"I don't want them to be those pitiful boys whose parents died. I want them to be strong and smart and capable like she planned them to be," she said. 

You can help out the family by donating here. 

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