Sisters adopted by different families reunited in Rhode Island

RHODE ISLAND -- Two sisters, adopted by two different families, were reunited in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Their story dates back decades.

In fact, they went to the same high school and sat next to each other in homeroom.

Each knew they were adopted and they knew about their relationship, but each of their parents had told them it was a secret the other didn't know about.

"My mom said to me, 'Do you know Mary Heider?' And I said 'yea why? We're in homeroom together.' And she said, 'Well she's your sister, but you can't say anything to her. She doesn't know she's adopted,'" Judy Bischoff said.

"I wasn't going to die without seeing my sister," Mary Yarborough said.

After a bout with breast cancer, Yarborough made finding her sister a priority. Now that the two have been reunited, they've vowed to make up for lost time.

They would like to know whether they have the same father and are hoping Rhode Island's newly unsealed adoption records may give them more answers.