Single daughters stage wedding photo shoot with dad who has Alzheimer’s

KELLER, Texas – It may seem odd that two women would have a wedding photo shoot if neither of them is engaged.

But it was the right decision for these women whose father is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Scott Duncan, 80, was diagnosed with the disease a few years ago.

His health has been declining, and twin daughters Sarah and Becca started to worry their father wouldn't be around for their wedding.

Aware that their time with their father is running out, they got the idea to stage a wedding photo shoot even though neither of them is engaged.

Their mother called up family friend Lindsey Rabon and asked if she would do the shoot. “I absolutely loved this idea.  The second she pitched it my wheels began to turn,” Rabon said.

They did the photo shoot at their home because the twins were concerned putting their dad in a different environment would be too stressful for him.

The girls wore wedding dresses, and they got to experience the joy of their “wedding day” with their father.

“I was fortunate enough to experience that first hand, and my dad’s tear filled eyes are a moment I will never forget.  But some women, are not given that same opportunity.  And while it’s not a replacement for the real thing, I hope that for this moment, they enjoyed this time with their father,” said Rabon.

Rabon says the media attention surrounding her pictures has been very exciting, and she’s glad it’s raising awareness about Alzheimer’s.

“Cameras are so available to everyone these days, its easy to forget how powerful images can be.  And I am so happy for the Duncans and using this platform to honor their dad and raise awareness for Alzheimer's,” Rabon told FOX59.

Sarah and Becca were recently named honorary chairmen of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s to help raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease.