"Singing makes me happy:" Racine kindergartner's powerful voice is blowing people away

RACINE (WITI) -- A six-year-old Racine kindergartner is blowing people away across the nation with her amazing vocal talent.

According to her website, the little girl began singing at home on her own when she was about three years old. She has not taken part in any music or vocal lessons. She sings because she loves it.

"Singing makes me happy," Liamani Segura says on her website.

Her ultimate goal is to one day sing at the Super Bowl!

The St. Joseph's Catholic School kindergartener has had two public performances -- one at the St. Catherines vs. Dominican High School basketball game -- where she sang the National Anthem in front of 1,100 people -- and one at Horlick High School.

You might not believe the HUGE voice that comes out of such a tiny little girl!


St. Catherine's vs. Dominican High School performance:

Horlick High School performance

Liamani Segura's very first performance: