Simple ways to reduce screen time for kids

If you're struggling with your kids and screen time, Rich has the tips and apps that can help!

Eyes glued to a screen is pretty common these days, especially for kids! But on the flip side, technology does open up many learning opportunities for children.

We spoke to Paige Mayer who works with OurPact, an app that adds cross-platform parental controls to your child's devices, including phones and tablets. She shared some helpful tips parents can use to help manage their kids' screentime, with or without an app!

Other apps to consider include Qustodio, which adds a panic button along with text and call tracking, and Bark, which can monitor just about every social media account out there.

Keep in mind you can also use the built-in tools on iOS and Android, but these apps will give you more flexibility and finer controls. They offer a level of free control but for the most powerful features be prepared to pay anywhere from $5-$10 a month.