Silver Lake village president cited for concealed carry violation

SILVER LAKE -- Silver Lake Village President Jeffrey Albrecht is expected to be charged with violating the concealed carry law. The Kenosha County District Attorney is now considering a charge of "armed with a firearm while intoxicated."

Albrecht was with his family having dinner at the Silver Lake Marina Restaurant on the evening of Friday, March 30th.

According to police reports, another man in the restaurant started a verbal confrontation with Albrecht over politics in the village. The altercation grew louder -- and police were eventually called to the scene.

When officers arrived, they confronted Albrecht and the other man involved about the incident. Albrecht revealed he was carrying a concealed weapon -- and produced a valid concealed carry permit. The weapon was not loaded and had no magazine. However, after taking several sobriety tests, the investigating officer found Albrecht to be intoxicated.

Albrecht's weapon was confiscated by police and he was released to the custody of his wife.

The other man involved in the confrontation is expected to be cited for disorderly conduct.

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