Sikh youth group volunteers at St. Benedict the Moor

MILWAUKEE -- Nearly a month after the shooting at the Oak Creek Sikh Temple left six Temple members dead, Sikh Temple members are giving back. On Friday, August 31st, they volunteered at Saint Benedict the Moor's nightly community meal.

Gurmukh Singh and others served nearly 300 at St. Ben's, as they continue to reflect on the temple shooting, but also the positives that came out of the tragedy.

"It basically brought out the faith again for a lot of people," Singh said.

Service is considered a cornerstone of the Sikh faith.

"Every Sikh Temple has a community kitchen where the people can come and eat. This is just our way of extending that idea outside of that temple," Singh said.

That's one of the reason the youth group volunteered Friday at St. Ben's.

"We're all one. You can be Catholic, you can be Lutheran. Just being able to know that the people who walk out of these doors will have a full stomach and sleep a little bit easier tonight makes me feel good," Gurprett Kaur said.

The dinner was also an opportunity to reach out to members of the community, and increase awareness of the Sikh faith.

"People really understand the values behind the turbin and the beard. I think it's a message of unity. I think a lot of these organizations, churches, Sikh Temples -- I think we, at the core, have the same goals in mind," Singh said.

This was the first time members of the Sikh youth group volunteered at St. Ben's. They said this is just the beginning of many more volunteer events to come this year.

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