Sikh community hosts Chardhi Kala run/walk, blood drive "to unite people against hate"

OAK CREEK -- On August 5th, 2012, nearly three years ago, Wade Page opened fire inside the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek -- and six people lost their lives.

Leading up to the anniversary of that tragic day, the Sikh community is honoring those impacted by what happened.

A 48-hour prayer service began Friday, July 31st at the temple.

On Saturday, the Chardhi Kala 6K Memorial Run/Walk: Run 2 Unite took place at Oak Creek High School. “Chardhi Kala” is the spirit of relentless optimism: a philosophy that empowers us to persevere and grow from hardship.

Chardhi Kala 6K Memorial Run/Walk: Run 2 Unite

The Chardhi Kala Blood Drive took place at the run/walk event -- operated by the Blood Center of Wisconsin.

"We have the run going on once again, the third year we are doing that. Plenty of volunteers here from all different kinds of faith. That's our main goal here -- just looking forward the years to come," Kamal Saini, a member of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek said.

In addition to the six people who lost their lives on August 5th, 2012, four people were injured.

Sikh Temple of Wisconsin shooting victims

A responding officer shot Page in the stomach, and then Page took his own life.

"Our whole meaning of this run is to run to unite people against hate, violence, ignorance, racism. We want to spread the word of God -- which is love and passion," Rahul Dubey said.

Memorial events will culminate on the anniversary of the shooting, which is this upcoming Wednesday, August 5th.

Sikh Temple of Wisconsin

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