"Sickening:" Mothers find staple, thumbtack inside children's Halloween candy

LEXINGTON, Missouri -- Two mothers in Lexington, MO., are furious after finding a staple and a thumbtack inside their children's Halloween candy.

Both mothers, who initially believed that finding sharp objects inside Halloween candy was just a myth, are now warning other parents to check their kids' stash.

On Halloween, Beverly Menad's eight-year-old daughter Elizabeth was dressed as her best Elsa from the movie Frozen. She was thrilled to pull down a lot of candy during her trick-or-treating.

But when Menad examined it, she became concerned.

"I was poked by a sharp object," Menad said. "Upon further investigation, we opened it up and there was a staple inside the candy bar."

Menad discovered a stable that was wedged into a Butterfinger chocolate bar.

Another neighbor says her 10 and 15-year-old children found a thumbtack stuck into the bottom of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

"He noticed it was open and he flipped it and out popped the thumbtack," their mother said.

The women discovered they took their kids to same four block area near Poplar in Lexington.

"They definitely meant to harm somebody for somebody to do that. It's just sickening," Menad said.

Police collected the candy as evidence. Both women hope whoever tampered with the candy is caught.

Lexington's police chief wants parents to report anything suspicious inside their children's candy so officers can investigate.