Shot over $20: 3 men could face amended homicide charges after shooting victim passes away

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say the victim of a shooting that happened on Saturday, April 1st near 24th and Hopkins has died. The victim has been identified as 45-year-old Jamie Greer. Prosecutors say this shooting happened during a dispute over $20.

Three people have been charged in connection with the case:

Javerius Walton-Smith

18-year-old Javerius Walton-Smith of Milwaukee

    35-year-old Tony McCaskill-Johnson of Milwaukee

      19-year-old Melvin Aldridge of Milwaukee

        Police said Monday, April 10th amended charges of homicide may be issued in the coming days, now that the victim has died.

        According to a criminal complaint, on April 1st, police responded to the area near 24th and Hopkins for a shooting. The victim was found on the floor inside a store with a gunshot wound to his chest. The victim was able to tell investigators that he was "shot over $20." The victim said "they thought we took $20 from them."

        The victim was taken to Froedtert Hospital where doctors learned the bullet had "most likely struck his lung" and "possibly caused additional internal injuries." His condition was categorized as "very critical."

        Investigators interviewed a witness, who indicated on the afternoon of the shooting, he went to Mother's Food and Liquor to purchase beer. While in line, waiting to pay for his items, they were behind Javerius Walton-Smith. Eventually, the witness said Walton-Smith began accusing him of picking up a $20 bill that Walton-Smith said he accidentally dropped onto the floor. The witness said he denied picking up any money.

        After they left the store, the witness said he was walking when Walton-Smith drove up with Melvin Aldridge. The witness said Walton-Smith continued to accuse him of stealing money, and said the store manager was willing to show them surveillance video. The witness and the shooting victim agreed to walk back to the store to watch the video.

        At the store, the complaint indicates the video was played, and the witness said the video did not show him bending down to grab any money. Walton-Smith then made a phone call, and prosecutors say he told Aldridge to "go to his truck and get his gun." Aldridge then left the store, returning a short time later. The witness said Walton-Smith indicated "no one was leaving the store until he got his money back."

        Tony McCaskill-Johnson

        According to the complaint, surveillance video shows Aldridge standing by the entrance to the store until a physical fight broke out. Eventually, the complaint says McCaskill-Johnson walked into the store with Walton-Smith's mother.

        The complaint states that Walton-Smith was "out of control" at this point. The witness said the shooting victim pushed Walton-Smith back, and McCaskill-Johnson grabbed the shooting victim by his neck, and both the witness and shooting victim fell to the ground. Then, the complaint says Walton-Smith began striking the witness in the face. Aldridge then ran from his post at the door, and began striking the witness. As he was being hit, the witness said he heard Walton-Smith say "I want it all. Go through his pockets." Then, there was a gunshot.

        The witness told investigators he saw McCaskill-Johnson place the gun in his waistband after the shooting. He then ran from the store, along with Walton-Smith and Aldridge.

        Meanwhile, the victim was bleeding from his chest and moaning.

        Walton-Smith and McCaskill-Johnson were identified by the witness via a photo lineup.

        According to the complaint, after the shooting, McCaskill-Johnson showed up at St. Joseph's Hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound to his left hand.

        He was interviewed by police. According to the complaint, he said he went to Mother's Food and Liquor on the day of the shooting with his cousin, and "a fight broke out." He said after reviewing the surveillance video "he saw the gun on the ground, and didn't realize he grabbed the gun the wrong way, and shot himself and the shooting victim." He said he "became scared, put the firearm in his waistband, and left the store." He said he was driven to the hospital by his cousin.

        His cousin told investigators she was "scared and didn't know what to do about what happened," and said she called her uncle to "help her clean the blood" in her vehicle. She said she gave her uncle $10 for the help, and asked him to take McCaskill-Johnson's property out of the vehicle -- a small bag of suspected cocaine, and a black semi-automatic handgun. His cousin later gave police authorization to search two vehicles parked at her residence, along with her residence.

        According to the complaint, investigators later learned Walton had the firearm that was in McCaskill-Johnson's cousin's vehicle in his bedroom -- along with the bag that contained .12 grams of a substance that tested positive for cocaine.

        Walton-Smith was interviewed by investigators, and prosecutors say on the day of the shooting, Walton indicated he "thought one of the $20 bills from his left pants pocket had fallen to the floor." He said he questioned the shooting witness about the money. He said he then told Aldridge what had happened, and called his mother. Walton-Smith denied knowing McCaskill-Johnson, but said "he was pretty sure McCaskill-Johnson was the person who came into the store with his mother."

        Walton-Smith told investigators the argument inside the store became physical, and said the shooting victim swung at him first, before "a large physical altercation broke out." Walton-Smith said as McCaskill-Johnson was fighting with the shooting victim, he heard a "pop" and saw the victim moaning in pain. He said he "felt sorry" for the shooting victim and "didn't plan for him to get shot." Walton-Smith said he then ran from the store -- going home and staying home "because he knew the police were going to be looking for him."

        The criminal complaint makes reference to a previous conviction for McCaskill-Johnson for burglary in 2011.

        Walton-Smith made his initial appearance in court in this case on April 7th. A preliminary hearing was set for April 14th. Cash bond has been set at $25,000.

        McCaskill-Johnson made his initial appearance in court in this case on April 7th. A preliminary hearing was set for April 14th. Cash bond was set at $25,000.

        Aldridge is currently at large. An arrest warrant was issued for him on April 7th.