Shot and killed on his birthday: Family gathers to remember 33-year-old Willie Owens in Kenosha

KENOSHA -- A family is mourning the loss of a Kenosha man shot and killed on his birthday. Forty-eight hours after this fatal shooting, there was still an active crime scene near 19th Avenue and 62nd Street in Kenosha.

"I thought it was firecrackers because the pops were so...'pop, pop, pop,'" Debbie Luscomb said.

Luscomb, a Neighborhood Watch captain said she was home when she heard the gunshots that ended the life of 33-year-old Willie Owens -- killed on his birthday.

Willie Owens

Luscomb said he could always be seen with his fiancee and kids.

"He would walk them to school and walk them home every day," Luscomb said.

Homicide in Kenosha -- 19th Avenue and 62nd Street

Luscomb said the crime in the neighborhood has gone from bad to worse.

Laquita Stevenson, Owens' fiancee, said she and Owens had no children together, but they each have their own children. Stevenson said she was out of town looking for a new home when her fiance was killed. She said one of her children was on the phone wishing Owens a happy birthday when the shots were fired.

" 'Papa hung up.' As soon as she put the phone in my hand, it rang through Facebook and someone told me he got shot," Stevenson said.

Homicide in Kenosha -- 19th Avenue and 62nd Street

Stevenson said she suspects Owens was targeted, but has no idea why. They were together for six years, and they wanted to leave Kenosha and move to a new city to raise her kids.

Laquita Stevenson

Stevenson said she's now trying to be strong for her children.

"I'm sad but I can't let them see me crying all the time. I gotta be strong for them," Stevenson said.

Stevenson said the neighborhood where Owens was gunned down needs more attention from police. She said she's never going back after what happened.

"It's bad over there. The whole block is bad," Stevenson said.

She said she wants those responsible brought to justice, as do her neighbors.

Homicide in Kenosha -- 19th Avenue and 62nd Street

"It's a matter of people coming forward with information. Someone has to know something," Luscomb said.

FOX6 News has yet to hear back from Kenosha police on this case. We were only told this remains an ongoing investigation.

Homicide in Kenosha -- 19th Avenue and 62nd Street

The family said they're not aware of any arrests made in the case.