Shorewood H.S. under elevated security as police handle incident in parking lot

SHOREWOOD -- Shorewood High School's principal says the school was placed under heightened security alert Wednesday afternoon, October 3rd as Shorewood police handled an incident with a suspect in the Shorewood High School parking lot.

In a letter to parents, Shorewood's principal says the school was placed under "Code Red" and students were moved away from the parking lot and into the buildings after a Shorewood police pursuit took police into the parking lot.

According to FOX6's media partners at the Shorewood Patch, police arrested a 19-year-old Fox Point man who had reportedly made suicidal threats. Police took the man into custody, and say he was unarmed.

Shorewood's principal says the suspect involved in the incident with police had no connection with Shorewood High School.

In the letter, Shorewood's principal Matt Joynt said: "We wanted to make sure that the area was secure and that police activities did not spill over into the school buildings. We monitored the situation, and kept students in a secure location until we were told the area was safe. At that time, we released students from the Code Red, provided everyone on campus enough information to indicate that everyone was safe and accounted for, and have carried on with our afternoon classes as normally scheduled."