Shorewood H.S. aide accused of showing student nude photos

SHOREWOOD (WITI) -- A teacher's aide at Shorewood High School was pulled from his position and is under police investigation after allegedly showing disturbing images to a female student.

Authorities say the 41-year-old employee made the 16-year-old girl feel so uncomfortable, she was afraid to speak up. A search warrant obtained by FOX6 says the suspect asked the victim inappropriate questions about her sexual past, and showed her naked pictures.

According to the search warrant, the aide began speaking with the female victim during study lab. The report indicates the girl believed the aide was interested in dating his students.

Another day the man spoke about his sexual past and questioned the teen about hers, asking if she was still a virgin, the complaint said.

On yet another occasion, authorities say the aide told the victim he had a photography business and then showed her approximately 15 images of nude people. The teen stated she was uncomfortable and embarrassed by the incidents.

The warrant indicates the teen felt further pressured by the aide to add him to the photo-sharing app "Snapchat." The aide allegedly told her, "I added you, now accept it." The victim says she did because she was afraid to tell him no.

Shorewood Principal Tim Kenney says the employee was hired in October 2013. He adds that he feels disheartened by the whole situation.

"They go through extensive background checks and have to provide letters of recommendation. We didn't get any red flags," said Kenney. "Place the employee on unpaid suspension and, in doing that, it ensures that our student body is protected while at the same time, protecting the rights of our employees."

The school has sent a letter home to parents informing them of the situation.

Both Shorewood Police and the school district are conducting investigations. The case is currently under review by the District Attorney's Office.